7 “No BS” Tips to Wellness

7 "No BS" Tips to Wellness

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People often say that they "just don't feel good."  Whether it's aches, pains, or just feeling tired all the time, simple life changes can help drastically. Feeling unwell is not normal, and it does not need to be your normal.

Since being in the healthcare field for the last 10+ years, we have seen some common traits amongst people who feel unwell (and the opposite in those who do feel good!) on a daily basis. Here is a straightforward, "no BS" breakdown

1. Toxins

If you drink often, smoke, or eat excessive sugar, you will not feel good. Check out these reccommended guidelines on sugar to ensure you're treating your body right.

2. Sleep

If you are not getting at least 6 hours of sleep per night, you will not feel good.

If you find yourself saying "I don't need sleep," you may be lying to yourself. A consistently fatigued body is filled with stress hormones due to lack of sleep. And you may want to make it a 2016 priority to catch up, before sleep debt catches up to you.

3. Chiropractic

Getting adjusted to keep your structure in check keeps the aches and pains away. It also keeps your nervous system firing properly, which impacts energy, general health and mental state.

You'll feel the results, guaranteed, after committing regularly for a period of time. Keeping careful chiropractic care of your body is a game changer.

4. Daily Movement

You may not need to hit the gym every day, but you should move daily to boost your heart rate and keep your hormones in check (yes, guys, this means your hormones, too).

If you want less stress, move more! Even ten minutes of moderate exercise per day can make a difference. The rest of the day, get on your feet and move whenever possible.

5. Massage

Massage removes toxins, breaks up the scar tissue from daily life and gives you a momentary mental break. Bottom line, receiving a periodic massage will help your wellbeing physically and mentally. Check out these other surprising benefits of massage.

6. Silence

Find time to shut things down - no phone, no radio or television, and no computers.

Your brain is on constant stimulus overload and it needs time to recharge.  If not, the stress will add up and it will literally change your physiology. You need this daily. Take this time to pray, read, think, or just sit in silence.

7. Mindless Activity

We are designed to do work. To be mentally well, find a pasttime that requires some skill (but not a lot of mental power) and do it regularly. If done consistently, you'll reap physological and physical benefits. It may be building, fixing, gardening, cleaning, or expressing creativity. Whatever it is, let your hobby be something enjoyable that gives you a break from your thoughts.

Take this Reset challenge: Implement a few of these tips (or all!) into your life. We guarantee you will feel better in one month than you do today!