Each Reset offers Massage to supplement the chiropractic care. This is a hands on massage that takes 1 hour. We have multiple types of massage to fit any need. Our licensed Massage Therapists are practiced professionals that provide a calming, relaxing, and excellent experience.


Massage Therapy helps relax the muscles. It feels great, and will help break down any build ups of toxins in the body.

This will also help with the adjustments, and getting you in the best alignments more easily.

This is a list of the top 10 of The Message Therapy Associations list on 25 of the many benefits of Message Therapy for the full list click here:

• Relieve stress • Relieve postoperative pain • Reduce anxiety • Manage low-back pain • Help fibromyalgia pain • Reduce muscle tension • Enhance exercise performance • Relieve tension headaches • Sleep better • Ease symptoms of depression


Massage Therapy is done at reset on a massage table in a private room. Our practiced massage therapist will give you a hands on massage in a focused area, or full body depending on your wants, and needs. It is painless and feels great.

How It's Done


Please see your local reset for pricing, and availability.