Welcome to Reset! We're an affordable whole-body chiropractor and massage clinic with Iowa locations in Des Moines, Ankeny, Ames, and Clive.

We pride ourselves in having exceptional service, knowledgeable chiropractors, and affordable prices.

If you want a friendly atmosphere at a cutting-edge clinic that won't break the bank, let Reset help! We're passionate about helping you feel comfortable, happy, and healthy.

Our Philosophy: Mind, Fuel, Move

Did you know that 60% of Americans live with chronic illness? Many of life's aches, pains, and diseases are preventable. 

Reset believes that true health operates on a continuum: your mind and mental health, the fuel you take in, and the way you move.

We strive to help you in all of these areas. Ask us how!

Reset and Renew

Your body impacts every aspect of your life: relationships, moods, even your career and ambitions. Spinal health is also closely connected to your nervous, endocrine, vascular, and digestive system. Modern life chips at your ability to feel great in all these areas, and you may get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Not one of us can control everything — but we do have choices! And one of those choices is to feel great again. So what will you choose: To decline in health, to react, or to prevent? If you want to prevent pain, you've found the right place! 

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Your First Visit

At Reset, we build your health up from the source with regular sessions that are affordable and easy! 

When you visit Reset for the first time, our Member Advocate will warmly greet you and make you feel welcome. We'll give you a tour of our contemporary facilities, and our licensed staff will assess your needs and help rejuvenate your muscles.

Don't be embarrassed or apprehensive! We specialize in making you comfortable, even if you've never had an adjustment or massage before.

View our locations to start your whole-body Reset.